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Clubs and Activities

Welcome to Caruso Middle School Clubs and Activities

Caruso offers many different activities for our students. Click through the list below to learn more about each and find our to how to get more involved.

Forms and Documents

Below you will find our brochure, forms and more documents with information on our extracurricular activities.


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The bowling club begins every year after spring break.  It is for all three grade levels and for both Caruso and Shepard Middle Schools.  As one group, the club will travel weekly to Brunswick Bowl where the students will bowl two or more games and socialize with friends. The club concludes with a pizza party on the last day. Bowling Experience is not necessary to be in the club!

If you are interested in participating in Bowling, or if you have any questions, please click this link!

Sponsor: Mrs. Dana Spies

Description: Pizazz is a show choir ensemble that performs at school assemblies, non-competitive events, social events, and participates in a competition exhibition performance each year. Charisma is a selective and competitive show choir that performs at school concerts in addition to its workshop and competition schedule in the spring, including 3-4 competitions a year.
Who can join: Any student in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade can be a part of Pizazz or Charisma!
When it begins: Auditions are held in the first week of May for the next school year. The season begins with a workshop and retreat after the first week of school and runs through the middle of May.

Anna Riddle @ Caruso: ariddle@dps109.org

Christine Wells @ Shepard: cwells@dps109.org

Caruso Middle School Choral Program gives students an opportunity to express their passion for vocal music, learn quality choral repertoire, and improve their vocal technique through singing in an ensemble.

Caruso Singers

Description:  Non-auditioned, mixed choir for 6th Grade students.  Sing and perform various styles of 2-3 part choral repertoire.

Who can join: 6th graders

Activity Dates: Year-long activity.  Rehearses Fridays 3:02pm-3:42pm.  Separate concert dates involved.

Ms. Kara Vombrack 

Caruso Concert Choir

Description:  Auditioned, mixed choir for 7th & 8th Grade students.  Sing and perform various styles of 3 part choral repertoire.

Who can join: 7th & 8th graders accepted through an audition

Activity Dates: Year-long activity.  Girls rehearse Mondays @ 7:10am-7:52am/Boys rehearse Wednesdays 7:10am-7:52am.  Separate concert dates involved.

Ms. Kara Vombrack 

Debate Club is focused on preparing for three exciting and competitive debate tournaments.   As part of the preparation students will be expected to do research, practice their delivery and challenge each other intellectually.   Through their participation students will improve their oratory and persuasive skills.

Who can join: This club is open to 6th, 7th and 8th grade students.

Activity Dates: The club will meet during the months of October, November, December and January. Our meeting days will be:  Tuesday from 3:05 until 3:50

Tournaments: There will be THREE debate tournaments against our rival schools.  Tournament times will vary, but will range from 4:00 to 7:00 in the evening.  Bus transportation will be provided to away tournaments, but you need to find a ride home.

Mr. Lior Tomer
Ms. Barb Mastin

If you are interested in Destination Imagination or have questions, please click this link!

Sponsor: Sheila Shifrin

If you are interested in Fitness Club please click this link!


Scott Fowler
Tom Hoy
Melissa Signa
Dana Spies

Gear up for Learning (small group) meets Monday-Thursday afternoons from 3:00-3:50. Mondays and Wednesdays are usually in D-6 while Tuesdays and Thursdays are in D-1.

If you are interested in Gear up for Learning (or have a question), click here!

Mrs. Angela Stocco
Mrs. Marley Boruszak
Ms. Lizzie Sauter
Mrs. Barb Mastin

Description:Homework club offers students an opportunity to finish their homework in a quiet, structured setting. Regularly there are also 8th grade peer tutors on hand ready to assist attendees.  Peer Tutors are set up by Mr. Tomer and Miss Gold. They are selected/recommended as a result of their dedication to school work, their ability to work well with peers, patience, kindness, and overall work ethic.

Who can join:Homework club is FREE and open to any student who needs a quiet atmosphere–there is no need to sign up ahead of time.

Activity Dates:In the afternoon there is a late bus which students can ride to get home after doing their homework.   Homework club will start on Thursday, August 25th.   The club meets in the mornings and the afternoons in either Mr. Tomer’s room (E-1) or Ms. Gold’s room (E-6).

Below is our schedule.  Homework club schedules will be available for parents during open house.

Homework club schedule for 2015-2016







Gold (E-6)

Tomer (E-1)

Gold (E-5)

Tomer (E-1)

Gold (E-6)


Tomer (E-1)

Gold (E-6)

No H.W. Club

Reisman (E-8)

Tomer (E-1)

AM: 7:10-7:55   PM: 3:00-3:45.

Sponsor Contact: Ms. Jenn Gold at jgold@dps109.org or Mr. Lior Tomer at ltomer@dps109.org

Description: Lunch buddies gives students the opportunity to get involved with students in the Guided Instruction Classroom at Caruso.  If you are looking to be a good friend and enjoy some games during your lunch period buddies is the place for you!

Who Can Join:6th grade students
When it begins:  Look for information in the beginning of September in Edmodo student announcements, training will take place in the middle of September and after you are trained Lunch Buddies will last all year long!
Sponsors: Ms. Erbach kerbach@dps109.org and Ms. Zajac bzajac@dps109.org
Description:  The Musical is a wonderful opportunity for students to work in the arts both on and offstage.  Students audition, rehearse, and present a musical theater production for their peers and community members on the Caruso auditorium stage.  Stage Crew positions are also available.
Who can join: 6th, 7th, & 8th graders accepted through an audition
Activity Dates: Auditions in December/Rehearsals: January-March/Performances: March
Sponsor Contact: Ms. Kara Vombrack kvombrack@dps109.org website: http://kvombrack.wix.com/carusomusic
Description: Students in Philanthropy Club help others by participating in service projects that benefit our community, as well as other communities. 
Who can join: Philanthropy Club is open to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.
When it begins: Our club meets every few weeks or every month to plan a service project. Meetings will be after school in room E-7 from 3:00-3:40.  Service projects take place after school or on the weekends. The first meeting is in September, and we will meet each month through May.
Sponsor: Mrs. Debbie Cohen at dcohen1@dps109.org
Description:Student council is a great opportunity to learn leadership skills and help give back to Caruso as well as the Deerfield community.  If you are interested in creating a positive culture at Caruso, join us weekly for student council.
Who can join:Anyone can join!
When it begins: Student Council Board members are groups of students picked in May of the previous year who attend weekly meetings.  Body members attend meetings every other week and are selected in September of the current school year.  Activities begin on September 16 at 7:15am in the CMA room.
Sponsor: If you are interested in joining us, email Miss Witczak jwitczak@dps109.org

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Mrs. Dana Spies
E-mail: dspies@dps109.org

Mrs. Stacey Max
E-mail: smax@dps109.org

The production of the yearbook includes creating artwork, designing photo layouts, writing copy, and editing proofs.  The staff consists of volunteers.  Orders are taken until late January and yearbooks are distributed the last week of school.  Yearbooks must be ordered in advance.

Description: If you love to write stories, or want to try your hand at writing a story…Young Authors is for you! Young Authors gives you a chance to write your own creative story, or collection of poems, and then get some teacher feedback.

Here are some of the specifics:

  • You will receive a packet of information as to how to format your story.
  • There is one optional check-in meeting to see how you’re doing.
  •   There is no criteria for what you write…you can write any story that you would like, any length!
  •  You may include illustrations, but you don’t need any.
  • Stories are typically due in mid-February.
  • Several district winners get the chance to go to the Young Author conference at Illinois State University in May to share their work, meet professional authors, go to a variety of workshops, and meet other kids from around the state who are also writers.

Share your great ideas and enter a story in Young Authors!!

Who can join: Anyone can join; the club is open to 6th, 7th and 8th grade students

When it begins: Young Authors begins before winter break.

Sponsor: Mrs. Debbie Cohen at dcohen1@dps109.org