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Team Fusion whiteboard drawing

Team Fusion: Is it for You?

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Caruso and District logos and URL to Team Fusion website - tinyurl.com/CMSTeamFusionInformational Meeting for Parents & Students: May 9 at 6pm, Caruso Auditorium

Next school year, Caruso will pilot Team Fusion, a unique, personalized, and innovative learning experience for a cohort of up to 30 eighth grade students at Caruso Middle School. Aligned with the District’s new mission to “provide innovative educational experiences of the highest quality that engage, inspire and empower each student to excel and contribute to improving the world,” Team Fusion will allow students to co-author their eighth-grade learning experience and be immersed in an environment with limitless growth opportunities.

View the video about Team Fusion.

Students on Team Fusion will experience an authentic, integrated approach to academic learning in the areas of English language arts (ELA), social studies and science under the guidance of the Team Fusion lead teacher. Students will be in Team Fusion for their core classes (period 4 and two of the periods 5, 7, and 8). Students will leave for their math class in period 5, 7, or 8 to be with peers from the eighth grade Blue or White team, or with their TAP math peers. During Encore class periods (periods 1, 2 and 3), students from Team Fusion will integrate with eighth-grade students from all teams.

Team Fusion students will experience more flexibility in their day as they collaborate with their lead teacher to determine where to focus their time and learning. In addition to this integrated, flexible model, Team Fusion students will also benefit from a personalized learning experience where the student collaborates with their lead teacher to identify goals and monitor progress.

Because students on Team Fusion will have one lead teacher for the core subjects of ELA, social studies, and science, the curriculum will be integrated to combine multiple content areas into the learning experience. This design will allow for project-based learning experiences where students work over time to understand and respond to engaging and complex questions, problems or challenges.

Students and parents who are interested in being part of Team Fusion should visit the Team Fusion website and find the application. We are not looking for any particular profile of a student, but will build a cohort of students who represent all the learners at Caruso Middle School.

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Bus Routes Are Posted

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Visit the the Transportation web page to view the 2016-2017 bus routes and other transportation information.

Here is the direct link to Caruso bus routes.

In the early days of school (for the first couple of weeks), please view routes nightly to check for changes.